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Maison Bogerijen (Chocolatier, Patissiers, Boulangers)
The Paris of Java

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The Paris of Java

At Maison bogerijen, indulge in an ambience and menu that takes you back in time to the glorius days of indonesia’s colonial past. The paintings and pictures on the restaurant’s walls reminisce of the “Pariis Van Java” period when Bandung laid at the heart of the Dutch East Indies and was home to a mélange of grand hotels, restaurants, cafes and European boutiques combined.These pictures tell the story of Maison Bogerijen’s links of indonesia’s rich Dutch heritage.

A Century Of Maison Bogerijen

Opened in 1918 th by L Van Bogerijen, Maison Bogerijen was first located on the east side of the bragaweg and oude Hospitalweg crossroads. Sets in typical town house of the time, restaurant featured of dining room the opened up to a garden sheltered by the canopy of two majestic trees.

A symbol of the Kingdom of the Netherlands could be seen in the middle of the building and sign in French such as “glacier” ‘cuisiner” and “confiseur” decorated parts of the roof. By 1923 the restaurant had moved to its present location at Braga Permai in Bragaweg.

A Myriad Cultures and Cuisines

With its assortment of French local Indonesia and Dutch delights. Maison Bogerijen soon became a popular favourite with prominent figures in the Dutch Kingdom and the governour general of the Dutch East Indies amongs its elite patrons. The restaurant’s served menu of sweet goodies including cakes, chocolates and ice creams, but it also served main dishes from different countries and cultures, providing a dining experience like no other.

Loyal customers came from areas around old Braga such as Coorde Alley, Spaarbank Alley, Telepfoon Alley, Bruyn & thyseen Alley, Oude  Hospitalweg, Tamblongweg and more. They made their way to the back of the building daily to delight in the restaurant’s special morning stall which sold a selection of breads and cakes for a hearty breakfast for customer living further away from braga, the stall ran a delivery services until the late 1980s

From Maison Bogerijen to Braga Permai

Journey with us in times as you dine in the Paris of Java treat yourself to our original authentic recipes such as ontbijkoek, booterstaf, ananas gebak and almond speculaas as well as range of other dishes and desserts from around the world in the restaurant’s colonial charm which pays homage to its Indonesian and Dutch roots. Fragments of the old Maison Bogerijen such as the old kitchen, the room used to bake bread (including the oven and mixer) and the residual gas pipe remain today to add to the charm.

Today known as Braga Permai restaurant which is the local favourite, treasured for serving up the best of the both worlds a modern tribute to a distant past.

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